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The list below shows estimated costs for common services for different components and wheels. Please use these prices as a guide only. When you make a service booking, our technicians will let you know if there will be any additional costs (for example additional replacement parts), before completing your work. We will not start working on your product until you are happy with the costs involved and this has been confirmed by us via email.

UK delivery is FREE, please click here for full delivery and returns information. Servicing work returned to the outside of the UK will be charged carriage which is quoted per job. Please speak to us for pricing. 

Brake Caliper Overhaul Service Single£20.00
Brake Caliper Overhaul Service Pair£30.00
Replace Shoes£10.00
Replace Pads£10.00
Brake Caliper Spring Replacement£20.00
Brake Caliper Hardware Service£10.00
Replace Sprockets£10.00
Ultra Torque Bearing Replacement£10.00
Power Torque Bearing Replacement£10.00
Chainring Replacement£10.00
Pista BB Bolts Replacement£10.00
Ultra Torque Chainset Removal£10.00
Power Torque Chainset Removal£10.00
Over Torque Chainset Removal£15.00
Ergo Pod Replacement£10.00
EPS Ergo Pod Replacement£15.00
Brake Lever Replacement£10.00
Ergo Service Single£20.00
Ergo Service Pair£35.00
Ergo Hood Replacement£10.00
Flatbar Ergo Service£35.00
TT Lever Service Single£15.00
TT Lever Service Pair£30.00
EPS TT Lever Service Single£10.00
EPS TT Lever Service Pair£20.00
TT Brake Lever Service Single£10.00
EPS TT Brake Lever Service Single£15.00
TT Clamp Replacement All£10.00
HO Ergo Pod Replacement£15.00
HO EPS Ergo Pod Replacement£20.00
Flatbar Ergo Service - Single£20.00
TT Brake Lever Service - Pair£20.00
EPS TT Brake Lever Service - Pair£25.00
Master Cylinder Replacement£15.00
EPS Fault Service£20.00 to £30.00
Mechanical Fault Service£20.00 to £40.00
EPS Fault Diagnostic£30.00 to £90.00
Mechanical fault Diagnostic£30.00 to £60.00
Front Derailleur
Front Derailleur Jockey Replacement£10.00
Front Derailleur Hardware Service£10.00
EPS Front Derailleur Cage Replacement£30.00
Complete Front Derailleur Service£30.00
Front Derailleur Cage Replacement£20.00
Rear Derailleur
Rear Derailleur Jockey Replacement£10.00
Rear Derailleur Cage Replacement£20.00
Rear Derailleur Cage Spring Replacement£20.00
Rear Derailleur Hardware Service£10.00
Complete Rear Derailleur Service£30.00
Complete EPS Rear Derailleur Service£40.00
EPS Rear Derailleur Cage Replacement£30.00
Rear Derailleur Pivot Bolt Replacement£30.00
Headset Service£15.00
Pawl Spring Replacement£10.00
Hub Bearing Replacement Front£20.00
Hub Bearing Replacement Rear£25.00
Freehub Bearing Service£15.00
Hub Service Front£25.00
Hub Service Rear£30.00
Hub Service Front & Rear£45.00
Axle Replacement Front£10.00
Axle Replacement Rear£10.00
Freehub Replacement£10.00
Hose Replacement£15.00
HO Caliper Service£20.00
Brake Bleed£20.00
Wheel True£10.00 to £40.00
Spoke Replacement + Wheel True£20.00 to £40.00
Complete Wheel Rebuild Alloy£40.00 to £90.00
Complete Wheel Rebuild Carbon£60.00 to £90.00
Complete bike build with Mechanical groupset£100.00
Complete bike build with Mechanical Disc groupset£120.00
Complete bike build with EPS groupset£120.00
Complete bike build with EPS Disc groupset£160.00
BIG Corkscrew Hardware Service£10.00